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Cultivating High Impact Self-Care for High Impact Women

How many of you know that you need more than a bath to feel better?  And how many of you are tired of trying to put a bandaid on a bullet wound, and expecting it to get better?! 

Think about your most dire needs. How are they affecting your personal and professional life?



Make self-care non-negotiable.

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!

You are    magic!


the practice of being self-aware

Self-care is the practice of being self-aware of our wants, needs, and desires and then using healthy ways to respond those needs.

As a practice, self-care is a lifestyle choice rather than something we simply do, here or there. Self-care necessitates that we reflect and become aware of what our wants and needs are.



You are feeling alone, disconnected, or isolated.

You are having frequent conflicts or relationship issues.

You are feeling frequently overwhelmed.

You feel unable to ask for help.

are you ready?

You are finding it hard to relax or feel motivated.

You are experiencing bitterness or resentment.

You are not feeling like your best self.

You are experiencing apathy, cynicism, or burnout.

Does the thought of more self-care overwhelm you already?

we know more does not equal better


with this program you will:

Learn how to start showing up for YOURSELF the way you serve OTHERS.

Liberate yourself from and release any shame and guilt around saying “no” to others in order to say 
“yes” to yourself.

Learn how to SIMPLIFY and PRIORITZE non-negotiable self-care for your health and well-being.

UPGRADE your self-care practice from good to great, great to AMAZING; with a self-care plan targeting the most critical and urgent 2-3 areas of self-care for you, right now.

Shamyra Parker

meet your self-care advocate

Shamyra Parker is the Founder and Chief Well-Being Officer (CWO) of Born Boundless International.

More importantly, she is just like you. A High-Impact woman. A phenomenal mother. And someone who needs powerful self-care.

As a self-care advocate, educator and healing ally who creates safe spaces for Black women and W.O.C. (Women of Color) in High-Impact leadership roles (and that includes women in ministry or CEO's of their homes), Shamyra knows all too well how easy it is for powerful women with competing priorities to allow themselves to be pulled in a million directions. 

Shamyra comes from a fast-paced, high stress corporate environment, where she managed a territory of three states that often involved overnight travel, all while being a mom of two small children the last 5 years of her corporate career. This was all possible because she was uncompromising in taking care of herself. Self-care not only sustained her. It nourished her. As Shamyra transitioned to having a greater impact, she realized the typical advice that 'the more you do, the more self-care you need' is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When the things that used to work stopped working, Shamyra realized that for High-Impact women only is more not feasible, it simply is NOT enough.

Get ready for Shamyra to show you how to cultivate a self-care lifestyle, not just a casual one-off activity.

She is a community leader, serving as a Commissioner for the Reimagining America Project: The Truth, Reconciliation, and Atonement Commission of Charlotte, NC (RAP-TRACC) — a project of the George Mason University Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, & Conflict Resolution. Shamyra is also a community partner for SEE HER LEAD, an organization created to meet all girls (grades 5-12) right where they are and prepare them to lead in every area of their lives through ongoing personal development training that can be tapped into in and around life's transitions.

This 8-Week Guided Class (or Group Course) includes:

A Needs Assessment (or “Break” Check) + Guidebook + Energy management & Burnout prevention plan + Self-care contract + Emotional wellness toolkit 


your power play

are you ready?

The first 8-weeks.

The second 8-weeks.

what to expect


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level two

Your post program check up.

Scheduled maintenance

accountability check

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How It Works

Once you reach out you have already taken the first step towards prioritizing your needs.

you sign up

This will be 8-weeks of transformation, beginning with a needs assessment and ending with your emotional toolkit.

your course begins

It doesn't end when the course is over.  Self-care is a journey, not a destination, but now you have the map.

you get to work

are you ready?

kind words

sentiments and accolades


+ You are DONE burning the candle at both ends.

+ You are ready to retire that superwoman cape.

+ You are committed YOURSELF.  

+ You see where your life is headed if you don't.

+ You are not ready to make yourself a priority.

+ You can't commit to 8 sessions.

+ You see self-care as a luxury not a necessity.

+ Your career (or family) has to come first right now.




FOR high-impact SELF-CARE?



High-impact woman to high-impact woman....I totally get it.  If it takes time and resources I would want to be certain too! That is why I offer  Clarity Calls.  This is the bite sized version.  We focus on ONE area you need to get under control; that means real action with less commitment.  I are worth it!

still not sure?

That's okay!

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